So I noticed that when I got an e-mail about an appointment, GMail helpfully (no, I mean it!) included a conspicuous link for entering
this appointment into my Google calendar. Which leads me to a couple of WIBNIs:

  1. When I get a bounce, I should get a similar link allowing me to remove this address from my contact list. (Parse the email, come on, I know you already do, so it’s not that big an invasion of my non-existent privacy to see that this email came from a MAILER-DAEMON or something)…
  2. More or less ditto for locations mentioned in emails.
  3. When I do “Report Spam”, I don’t really give a flying spaghetti monster what the underlying algorithm is, but is it too much to expect never to see a message from that particular address in my inbox?
  4. In general, perhaps there’s a way to allow people to create solutions for similar WIBNIs, immediately adding this functionality to their own account and also contributing them to some central repository of solutions, thus enhancing Google’s hegemony further, if that’s even possible.
  5. I’ll be having more to say…

P.S. A couple of days after discussing with BOBHYTAPb the silliness of Google’s attitude toward “mail sent to yourself will not appear in your inbox as you expect because it’s a feature and you’re gonna like it and we don’t give a shit that that’s what you expect<'cause your expectations are due to bad upbringing", I noticed that this changed.