JDBC notes

  1. Executing multi-line statements

    Apparently, Oracle’s JDBC driver doesn’t like CR/LF endings. LF itself is ok. So this was needed:

    sql = sql.replaceAll("\r", "");

    See also:



  2. “Due to a restriction in the OCI layer, the JDBC drivers do not support the passing of Boolean parameters to PL/SQL stored procedures…”

Oracle and JPDA

I believed that I had to go through the pain
to bridge
to JDWP.
I've already started to look into it, using
GNU Classpath's
. But it turns out that Oracle
already supports
debugging stored procedures with JPDA

But all it does is that saves work on Dbdb, not
makes it irrelevant. While adapting another debugger to
JPDA is useful (and I may yet do it for something else),
it is not the primary value of this project. It is in
the unified call stack.

And David Alpern of Oracle claims they already have
something like this, but it's nowhere to be found.
JDeveloper allows debugging stored procedures
but the
the single call stack, which is what I think
is the ultimate value of Dbdb, is not there...