Some notes

  1. One can argue that a step from one VM into another should not, from debugger’s point of view, be a step within one thread, but a new thread should be open. But this involves too much interfacing with the debugger (thinking about how to tell it that it needs to register a ThreadStartEvent to open a new thread when it didn’t request it, e.g.), so I scrap the idea, but feel it worthy of noting.
  2. %#@#$%@#$%@^@@^%

    java.lang.ClassCastException: org.hrum.dbdb.DelegatingThreadReference cannot be cast to

    Did I mention how this pisses me off?

  3. Ok, even though Dbdb needs Java 6, the proof-of-concept is not supporting
    new JDBC driver
    … Just a note to self…

Oracle and JPDA

I believed that I had to go through the pain to bridge DBMS_DEBUG to JDWP. I’ve already started to look into it, using GNU Classpath’s implementation. But it turns out that Oracle already supports debugging stored procedures with JPDA.

But all it does is that saves work on Dbdb, not makes it irrelevant. While adapting another debugger to JPDA is useful (and I may yet do it for something else), it is not the primary value of this project. It is in the unified call stack.

And David Alpern of Oracle claims they already have something like this, but it’s nowhere to be found. JDeveloper allows debugging stored procedures but the the single call stack, which is what I think is the ultimate value of Dbdb, is not there…