Today’s yak shaving

So I wanted to catch up on Go. I like my IDEs, so I got my Go 1.19.2, my GoClipse 0.16.1, and off to remember how to ride this bicycle again. Or rather ride this yak, because…

I like IDEs mostly for two things: interactive, graphical debugging (for that see the P.S. section) and content assist. And we have a problem:
The solution seems to be to install a fork of gocode. Ok, I got content assist now. On to trying the next sine qua non of IDE, interactive debugger. Wait… There’s no GDB on M1? Yikes.

For debugger, sure, I could use LLDB, as suggested, or, even better, Delve, but I want it in the IDE (how many times do I have to say that, in 2022?) A few GUI frontends exist, but I am partial to Eclipse platform (I can be as picky with my tools as any tradesman).

Is it time to dust off Kabuta, an abandoned attempt to adapt Delve API to GDB/MI interface that GoClipse speaks? Ok why not, let’s go get that sucker… Done.

But how do I get it into GoClipse? A StackOverflow post suggests it is done via “New Project wizard”, but not so fast, Mr. Yak Jockey:
Ok, let’s hack around it but first let’s file an issue on GoClipse… Wait, say it ain’t so… GoClipse is no longer maintained? My world collapses. To Bruno’s point that:

I’ve seen the issues Eclipse has, both external (functionality, UI design, bugs), and internal (code debt, shortage of manpower). I was holding on to the hope it would recover, but now I don’t see much of a future for Eclipse other than a legacy existence, and I realize exiting was long overdue.

I just a few months ago got fed up with how much of a torture it is to step through the code in IDEA (and no waving of dead chickens seems to help) and went back to Eclipse for Java.
Do I fork GoClipse?
P.S. The workaround for the import is to use default ~/go as GOPATH. In other words, using /Users/gregory/src/ worked fine:

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