Some time ago a discussion about CIO vs CMO as it comes to ad tech started, and as I see it, it still continues. As a technical professional in ad tech space, I followed it with interest.

As I was building ad tech in the cloud (which usually involves large scale — think many millions QPS), business naturally became quite cost-conscious. It was then when, I, meditating on the above CIO-CMO dichotomy, thought that perhaps the next thing is the CIO (or the CTO) vs — or together with — the CFO.

What if whether to commit cloud resources (and what kind of resources to commit) to a given business problem is dictated not purely by technology but by financial analysis? E.g., a report is worth it if we can accomplish it using spot instances mostly; if it goes beyond certain cost, it is not worth it. Etc.

These are all very abstract and vague thoughts, but why not?

Recently I learned of an effort that seems to more or less agree with that thought — the FinOps foundation, so I am checking it out currently.

Sounds interesting and promising so far.

And nice badge too.


I wish I didn’t have to: Decompiling Java

“I wish I didn’t have to” sounds like a category on its own, sort of like a complement to The Daily WTF. But, alas, I do — I need to understand what the differences are between two JARs, and I haven’t looked into Java decompilers since JAD (goes to show… something). But after some brief googling — Procyon rules! So here’s a script to do JAR diffs.

P.S. The humility of the author in designating a pretty good product as a 0 version (a propos — this is silly) led me to dig further into this project and it is cool stuff. Look forward to digging some more.