The King, the Jedi and the Prodigal Son walk into a bar…

So, earlier I tried to switch to Blogger briefly, because my LiveJournal was messing up javablogs feeds (and I wanted something trackback-like).

But then I missed this tag/label/category functionality thingie, so I had a brief affair with Movable Type, but then, voila — The New Version of Blogger. Good, I don’t have to host the stupid thing then…

Peter Kriens has been working too much: “Today an interesting project proposal drew my attention: Corona. Ok, the name is a bad start. The Apache model of names without a cause is becoming a trend.” Eh? I was with you until the last sentence — but it’s not an Apache model of names without a cause, it’s a model of — aw, geez, there must be a pithier term for it — names for things associated with main product that are in some ways puns on the original name (JavaBeans, Jakarta, etc.) Get it? Sun – Eclipse, Eclipse – Corona? (Things will really get out of hand — with horses! — when a Corona-associated product will be called Dos Equis).

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