More random notes

  • Yeah, no-code/low-code is great (wave, OpenAI). Especially for growth-hacking, right (hello, Butcher)? But here’s your no-code platform — Google Ads. Gawd… I’d rather write code.
  • Why does FastAPILoggingHandler seems to ignore my formatter? I don’t know; but the fact that someone else also spends time figuring out the inane things that should just work is quite frustrating.
  • How many yaks have you shaved today?
  • O, GCP, how convenient: in the env var YAML sent to gcloud run you helpfully interpret things like “on”/”off”, “true”/”false”, “yes”/”no” as numbers, eh? And then you crash with:

    ERROR: gcloud crashed (ValidationError): Expected type <class 'str'> for field value, found True (type <class 'bool'>)

    Because of course you do.
  • “Overriding a number of default settings is key to shaving off unnecessary spend”. Yep.