The debate holy war on the topic of software engineering vs “real” engineering seems as endless as GWOT. I am too lazy to do an extensive
search, but I do remember one of the pithy definitions to claim the use of differential equations as a necessary condition…

I don’t really care, but “engineer” does sound cooler than “programmer”, which doesn’t have a sci-fi ring to it anymore, or “developer”, ’cause Donald Trump is also one — not that he isn’t cool

But I thought I’d throw just one more difference into the mix. Software engineers — at least those that work in application development — have to use knowledge of other domains — those, for which software is written (e.g., finance, etc.)

As far as I am concerned, these domains tend to be boring… I like technology for technology’s sake… Does that make me more of an engineer?


I wonder whether Michael Swaine weighed/will weigh in on it…

P.S. Please…