I am backdating this entry, so I don’t remember quite what this was about…

E-mailed Shane:


I am working on a project that necessitates precisely what you describe — Proxies of classes, not just interfaces. So thank you, that I, apparently, don’t have to delve into BCEL (I will let you know about the project when I have a bit more to show than I do now).

However, I’m a bit confused. In a description at you point to your
junit.extensions.jfunc.util.ProxyPlus class, but it does not exist in the jcfe.jar I got from, nor does it exist in the jfunc project. Where should I look for this functionality?


Got a bounce. So, for now, will do with explicit org.hrum.dbdb.JDBCDriverFactory‘s mechanism of going through drivers loaded, deregistering them and registering, in their stead, org.hrum.dbdb.DbdbDriver‘s that delegate to the registered drivers.

P.S. This is what P6Spy does